For requesting my services call 732 608 477

Minimum order amount is 650 Kč.


Installation works 8-16.30h

Price after 16.30h is 380,-Kč/hour.

Material is not included in the price.

Work on Sunday and holiday is plus 50% of the hourly rate. 

300 Kč/hour

Grass cutting and garden maintanace

upon agreement

Using my van in Prague

Parking is not included. It will be charged separately.

350 Kč

Windows cleaning

This price applies to size 100m2 without blinds. Price for cleaning the blinds is +800 Kč.

1 600 Kč

Cleaning houses/ flats/ offices

Cleaning detergents are not included. 

280 Kč/hour

Moving up to 3,5t

Moving by stairs + 100 Kč/floor. 

Start and finish for the car drive is Praha 9-Libeň.

I'm not VAT registered subject.

400 Kč/hour 

+ 17 Kč/km